Summer Reading Instructions and Activities

Students at Uxbridge High School will have the opportunity to earn up to 2 extra credit points applied to a first quarter grade in one class by doing three things this summer:
  1. Read a book. A list of books recommended by teachers and staff at Uxbridge High School, current students, and the staff at the public library is attached. More information about each book can be found on the Recommended Summer Reading Books tab. Students may choose any of the recommended books; or, if they wish to select a book from outside this list, they must send it to Ms. Charpentier for approval using this Google Form
  2. Complete one of the following activities.
    • Discuss the book you read in the Summer Reading Google Classroom. Student responsibilities: Sign in to with your UHS email address and use class code ck4btjz to join. Post at least twice. Make a substantial comment on the book you read and respond to someone else’s post.
    • Write a letter to the person who recommended the book. If you selected your own, write a letter explaining why you would or would not recommend it. Student responsibilities: Write a 1-2 page letter that addresses the strengths and weaknesses of the book and why you would or would not recommend it to other readers.
    • Create a movie trailer for your book. Student responsibilities: Create a 1-2 minute long trailer that introduces the characters, plot, and setting of the novel or main argument of a nonfiction book, using appropriate accompanying imagery, sound, and text/voiceover. 
    • Create a social media feed that represents a character from your book or the themes of the book. Student responsibilities: Select images and create text as a character in the book to construct a social media feed with at least 6 posts that represents a character in your book or reflects the themes of your book. Write a paragraph explaining how you chose images and text to represent the character or book.
    • Create fanart or fanfiction based on your book. Student responsibilities:  Create a piece or original art that interprets the characters from the book or a scene from the book, and write a brief explanation of your artwork; or write a brief story in the style of your book that incorporates some elements of the original work (the characters, setting, etc).
  3. Submit your summer reading activity using this Google Form by Wednesday, September 13, 2017. 
All the recommended books are available through the C/W MARS library system, which includes the Uxbridge Free Public Library. If the book you want to read this summer is not on the shelf there, you can place a hold online or in person and another local library will send them a copy for you. If you need a library card or any assistance locating a summer reading book, call or visit the public library. We have contacted the Millbury Barnes and Noble with the list of recommended titles, and these titles are also available through online booksellers like Amazon.

Enjoy your summer reading; we look forward to seeing everyone’s projects in September! If you have any questions, talk to Ms. Charpentier (